Restaurante El Palacio de Segovia

Restaurante El Palacio de Segovia


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La Bóveda is in the vaulted room in El Palacio de Segovia. A journey for all the senses, its main feature revolves around wines, cava and spirits. La Bóveda also has an excellent spirits menu, painstakingly designed by skilled professional bartenders. A chic, elegant space that will become a favourite haunt for foodies from Segovia and the surrounding area – a place for getting together and having fun, a versatile venue, and ideal for all kinds of private events.

A space where a club will be created so that training courses, courses, get-togethers with the best professionals in the world of wine, tastings and events can be held. A place for enjoying wonderful gastronomical experiences because, as soon as you descend the stairs and enter the cellar, you’ll find yourself in another world… and even have a view of the aqueduct.